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Top Tips for Constipation

February 27, 2017 |


If you are experiencing constipation, it might feel difficult to overcome, but there are many ways to help with constipation. In fact, many women have difficulties with chronic constipation, which affects 16% of patients.

Any degree of constipation has the potential to lead to pelvic floor problems, so it’s important that you discuss constipation with your provider. Read more

Leakage During Life’s Intimate Moments

February 20, 2017 |


Oftentimes, the reason a patient finally makes an appointment to discuss urinary leakage is that she is experiencing leakage during intimate moments. For many patients, this is an extension of other times they experience urinary frequency, urgency, or leakage.

Although it’s not an easy topic to discuss, it’s important to understand what’s causing these issues in order to start on the right track toward a solution. Read more

Postpartum Intimacy Part 1: Shifting Roles

February 6, 2017 |


Often the resolution to make time to cultivate intimacy in your marriage or the intention of setting regular date nights with your partner isn’t always a top priority. Realistically, the effort towards working on your sexual relationship is constantly upstaged by the demands of motherhood, the responsibilities of managing a household and/or a career, and the determination to shed those last few pounds of “baby weight.”

As a new mom, the joyful chaos is probably not going to end anytime too soon. Read more

Sex and Your Pelvic Floor

January 27, 2017 |


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we may find ourselves or our partners in a more amorous mood. Quite frankly, sexual intercourse or being intimate is a very important way for a couple to connect and to feel close. However, some women tell me that they have lost some of the sensation they used to experience during sex or that they feel they are “too loose” after giving birth to their children. Read more

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