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About: The Sisterhood Mission

Empowering women with a trusted, go-to resource on pelvic floor health.

Our Mission: The Accidental Sisterhood empowers women to take informed steps toward pelvic floor health with expert-supplied education presented online, in books, and at educational events.

Our Challenge: Issues like incontinence, prolapse, bowel problems, urinary tract infections, painful sex, and other pelvic health complaints plague hundreds of millions of women worldwide. Although this is an area of increasing focus for the health care community, few too many physicians and health care providers specialize in these areas to make a broad reaching difference.

Our Goal: With funds and support from our contributors and sponsors, The Accidental Sisterhood develops, publishes and promotes credible information to ensure that women recognize and understand the treatable and preventable nature of common pelvic floor health issues so that they may get the help they need.