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Pelvic floor health issues impact the quality of life of millions of women. Our content library, press articles and press kit provide background on many of the issues related to pelvic floor health.

Interview Our Experts

Doctors Mary South and Ray Bologna are the medical advisors behind The Accidental Sisterhood website and co-authors of The Accidental Sisterhood book. Both have devoted their careers to supporting and providing solutions to women with pelvic floor disorders through their practice, as well as through research, teaching, and authoring.

Please contact us to schedule an interview or for other media inquiries.

Press Articles

One Out of Two Older Americans Is Incontinent
MD News
By: Dr. Ray Bologna

Incontinence is one of the main reasons people end up in nursing homes, but older Americans might not know about the multiple treatment options available to them.

Women Give Your Pelvic Floor a Workout
Elmira Star-Gazette
By: Dr. Ray Bologna

Kegels are an extremely effective way to strengthen a weak pelvic floor.

Physician Champion
Summa Health Strides
By: Dr. Mary South

Dr. Mary South discusses her personal health journey and reminds us – the healthier you get, the healthier you want to be.

InterStim Radio Interview
1590 WAKR
By: Dr. Mary South

A bladder and bowel pacemaker is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat several conditions for both men and women.

Vaginal Pain & Dryness…It’s OK to Talk About It
The Women’s Journal
By: Dr. Mary South

The Mona Lisa Touch vaginal laser is a virtually painless procedure used to lessen the side effects of vaginal atrophy.