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You are not alone.

One in three women in the United States will have a pelvic floor complaint sometime during her life. These issues may range from functional urinary incontinence to reoccurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) to prolapse or accidental bowel leakage

Welcome to the Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood offers guidance on bladder problems, prolapse, urinary tract infections, and painful sex from sources you can trust, presented in a lighthearted way that’s easy to understand.

In 2006, urologist Ray Bologna, MD first coined the phrase, ”The Accidental Sisterhood” in his book of the same name. A decade later, Mary South, MD joined the Sisterhood to bring a new perspective from her experience as a leading Urogynecologist. Together, these physicians have built a community dedicated to empowering women with education and practical solutions that lead to pelvic floor health.

The topics covered on this site and in our book reflect conversations Dr. Bologna and Dr. South have with patients in their exam rooms every day.

  • Learn more about your pelvic floor to better understand why problems can happen.
  • Search topics directly related to your symptoms.
  • Find out more about the latest conservative, surgical and pharmaceutical options available to you.

Imagine. Answers to all those burning questions you’ve been afraid to ask. Freedom from a controlling bladder. Enhanced sexual desire and response. Overall increased comfort with yourself and your body image. With the help of the Sisterhood, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge you need to take informed next steps toward pelvic floor heath.

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