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Her Experience with MonaLisa Touch

May 8, 2017 | Mary South, MD, MHA


In a previous post, we gave you a physician’s perspective on the MonaLisa Touch as a treatment option for vaginal atrophy.  This month, we asked one of our patients to write a blog giving her perspective.  She wrote the following:

In 2016, I had many urinary tract infections. My primary care doctor would diagnosis the infection in her office and then prescribe antibiotics. The infection would resolve for a month or two then come back. This pattern went on for most of 2016.

In November of 2016, my PCP said “no more antibiotics!” and sent me to see Dr. South because she said Dr. South had a new procedure called MonaLisa Touch. My PCP thought I might be a candidate. I called Dr. South’s office and made an appointment. Within a couple of days, I was in the office and told Dr. South my concerns. I wasn’t sure if the MonaLisa Touch would help. She examined me and noted there was vaginal atrophy. She said that a lot of women have UTI’s related to vaginal atrophy and that treating the atrophy should decrease the number of urinary tract infections.

After we had determined I was a candidate, I asked the doctor about the downtime after the procedure. She said I would have some soreness and burning two hours or even up to one day. I asked if I could have it right away and she said yes, but I would have to come back two more times.

First Time: The procedure was done, and I could feel little stings, but it was bearable. I had some soreness and burning. I used an ice pack and did not shower until the next day.

Second Time: Six weeks later I returned. I had the same symptoms only less soreness and very little burning. I felt like I could feel my insides lifting and getting stronger.

Third Time: By now I knew what to expect. Going in for the procedure the last time, my insides were moist, not dry. I did not have to use Estrace cream anymore.

Since November of 2016, I have had no more urinary tract infections. The MonaLisa Touch has changed my life for the better. I used to have urine leakage when coughing and urgency and that is now a thing of the past. I can hold my urine longer and don’t have urgency like I used to have. I recommend this for anyone that suffers from vaginal dryness. For me, this was a miracle treatment with very little pain and no downtime.

This is my story.

Respectfully Submitted, Jayann B.

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